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 Taking It to The Streets is a non profit organization that actually goes out into community neighborhoods and teach workshops  on physical activity and nutrition.  Which in turn leads our youth to a path of healthy habits/lifestyles. 

 This was Taking it to the Streets in Africa sharing our program with various schools also at Jump Rope Assoc of Kenya's after school program.  Also  featured Live Respect program by Call to Men's Coordinator Davi Mozie. 

"Youth on the Move"


Kendall Lowe

   Kendall Lowe is the daughter of Randy Lowe and Janine Scott. She is 15 years old, and is in the tenth grade at the Cumberland International Early College High School. Kendall has received numerous accolades, to include an award for Academic Excellence given by the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists from Harvard University, various subject awards each year in school, she was the winner of the Cumberland County Black History Bowl two years in a row, and has been the President of both her 8th and 10th grade classes. She also graduated 8th grade as her class Valedictorian. Kendall is a published author, having two works selected to be in the “Think Big” Anthology Book, published by Cranberry Quill Publishing Company. She and her sister, Katrina, have also written a book called “The Krazy, Kooky, Komical World of Kendall and Katrina”, also published by Cranberry Quill. Kendall is a world traveler, having traveled to Jamaica, and England and France when selected as a Student Ambassador when she was 12 yo. This year, she plans on going to Europe, to see in real life the places that she has studied concerning the Holocaust in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland. Wanting to obtain her MD from Johns Hopkins in Obstetrics, and currently becoming proficient in Arabic, Kendall hopes to use her education and skills, to travel the world (specifically to Arabic speaking countries). She currently works as the videographer of her mother’s Internet talk show, Destiny Dreams, shooting each episode, creating and maintaining the Facebook page and YouTube accounts, and is responsible for developing all aspects of the show. Soon, Kendall (along with a few of her closest friends) will begin their own business in website design, social media help, and business promotion.    


Inspiring our Youth & Young Adults

Do you know any youth or young adults that are  or aspiring to make positve difference. We try an feature new profile monthly.  Email  bio/story to frances@takingittothestreetz.com  Also any  youth or young adult that may  have a topic on their mind or would like to participate in our Whats on your mind Section. Email: frances@takingittothestreetz.com  

I would love the hear from you.


Meet Christine Agnes

Christine is our Youth  correspondent in Africa. She has  been interviewing an getting different perspectives, & views on issues from youth in her city.  We are comparing similarities an differences between our youth in US and in Africa. What issues they have in common, an whats different.  Check out : Whats on Your Mind, Click on  Our Events tab.


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