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Inspiration Retreats

  This is a non profit organization was founded by Rev  Dr. Shari Herring. 


 In 2001, in an effort to follow God’s design to have free/low-cost retreats, and meetings, Shari started a management consulting company.  BUT, this was not her God-given purpose, so by the end of 2001, everything ended.

After many personal set-backs, stumbling blocks, and distractions, Inspiration Retreats was born early in 2008, exactly seven years later.  Throughout this time, God kept the desire to host retreats in Shari’s heart. God told her that the time was NOW to hold retreats. This held much significance for Dr.Shari, as the number seven represents completion and the number eight represents new beginnings. The past had been completed and now God had created a new beginning! 

Inspiration Retreats offers many  affordable trips that you can attend  Contact  Rev Dr. Shari Herring



First Sunday Event is free  held 1st Sunday of each month at  

Cumberland County Headquarters Library
300 Maiden Lane
Fayetteville, NC


Tip of the Month


Drink Water instead of Sugary Drinks

16 oz Water has 0 grams of Sugar

15.2 oz 100% Juice Smoothie 60gms sugar

20 oz Lemon-Lime Soda 77 gms sugar

20 oz Orange Soda 85 grams sugar

38 oz  Cola 128 grams of sugar

And if you do drink,Soda's/Juices, Please  do so in moderation

Business Spotlight



Dallen Pretlow  is owner an operator of DSDQ Fitness a gym located at 3007 Fort Bragg Road

 Contact at www. DSDQ Fitness.com


  His  philosophy is simple.  They make being fit fun and entertaining for the entire family. Without health, nothing else really matters. So join him  in this endeavor to build a healthier community.

What  They Don't Want From You 

  • Your money.  They are not in this for your money.  They want to help you reach all your goals while being a good steward of your money and staying in your budget.
  • Your excuses. If you like making excuses, go somewhere else!

What They Do Want From You 

  • Your commitment. Commit to them, to the workouts, to the nutrition, and to the supplements and we will accomplish amazing things.
  • Your heart. Get passionate about it! Get fired up! Plug in and encourage your friends and family. That's what makes them better than the rest!

Please go out an show your support!!!

Whats On Your Mind?

Sy Sayanora Raymond


I count each blessing, each step, and every person that reminds me of why I do what I do.
I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am in this space that I find myself in today.

Creating has always been in my heart and I'm humbled to be able to do it in this level.

My mental health hit an unexpected turn last year. I experienced some of my darkest days and through art, I found me.
Through art I got the courage to strip myself bare and accept the past for what it is, accept me for what the past had taught me, forgive myself, love myself and most importantly..live authentically in who I am becoming.
I am still growing, learning and discovering.
Thank you for all of your love and support, yall don't know how much it has fueled me.
This is just the beginning and I'm grateful to share new beginnings with you all and happy that I can share openly my best chapter yet.
My heart is so full..art healed my heart...art lives in my heart and that is why I am Artfull Passion...

Shawn Brunson


 I would just like to say that  as a 20 y/o  black male, living in North Carolina.   I  realize that  I have to get my act together.  In 2017, we do not have time for playing games.  My generation likes the party, pills,  & weed.  But the only thing those things will do is keep you broke and off focus and addicted.   I can honestly see why my parents were pushing me so hard to go to school.  A formal education is key  in today's society.  I  had been working in the fast food industry, mainly as a cook.  An was attending school.  I realize  that's not what I want to do, the rest of my life. I want better.  Not saying anything is wrong with  making an honest living.  But Im striving to be my own boss. That's right an entrepreneur. When i get my degree in Agricultural Engineering, I plan to make a difference in our community.  I believe that if  I can learn more about the food industry an growing crops, I can start my own farm to table store, restaurant etc. Which would be a huge asset to the community.  Music is my passion, I am a conscious rapper but I also realize, I have to be able to support myself so that I can pursue my dream. Au The God. Remember that name.   My album  is going to hit gold or platinum. An im going to sell over 1 million cd's.  Check me out on Facebook. 

Food for Thought

Eat to live, not live eat



Everything in Moderation!!!