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Community Partner Spotlight

Touching Lives Street Ministry

  This is a non profit organization was founded by Rev Calvin Gilmore. 

 This street ministry reaches  out to homeless, drug addicts and alcoholics: an all those in need throughout the community. This Outreach Ministry provides food, clothing, Bibles and tracts to the homeless. We provide help, the Word of God and praise and worship to those that may not know God or may have forgotten about God. We do this through prayer, teaching, praising and lifting up God's name, and being Christ-like in all our conduct. Our mission is to help others know God and mature in their relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Contact info: Rev Calvin Gillmore  www.touchinglivesstreetministry.com

  Call: 910-797-5105

 Touching Lives is a proud partner supplying  turkeys, fresh fruits and veggies for our  holiday food baskets  an  fresh food giveaways. Please show him support. He is truly giving a  helping hand to our community. 

Tip of the Month

Drink Water instead of Sugary Drinks

16 oz Water has 0 grams of Sugar

15.2 oz 100% Juice Smoothie 60gms sugar

20 oz Lemon-Lime Soda 77 gms sugar

20 oz Orange Soda 85 grams sugar

38 oz  Cola 128 grams of sugar

And if you do drink,Soda's/Juices, Please  do so in moderation

Business Spotlight

Second Touch Women's Thrift Boutique

Onetia Adams Cutts

Second Touch is a woman's retail shop, and a ministry of ReNEWed Destiny, Inc. with the goal of helping women as they begin again in the transitional stages of life. Second Touch is not just another goodwill store, as they work to create an enjoyable experience in shopping for quality merchandise at affordable prices. ReNEWed Destiny, Inc helps to get women back on their feet by creating programs (in addition to Second Touch) that aid in job searches, interview techniques, resume writings, and providing clothing vouchers for women who can't afford something nice for that interview.  

Located at:  4774 A Yadkin Rd. Fayetteville NC    Phone Number: (910) 476-3392 

Special Thank you for your donations  during our fundraiser for the trip to Africa.

Please visit her Shop and get great deals

Whats On Your Mind?


Tobias Okoth

  My name is Tobias Okoth, I am 20 years old, born and raised in Gatwekera Village in Kibera,Kenya. I graduated high school  and currently working as an ECD teacher in one of the schools in Kibera . I also play the  piano during my free time. 

” My community means so much to me; First, it has helped me to be social,learn how to survive under minimal resources and help others. Lastly and most important thing about it, is the cheapest life style. Some of the challeges I face in my community are: poor sanitation,low level of eduction, lack of job opportunity,poverty and hunger. Things I feel will make my community better is; one, to improve on sanitation, building good school structures,environment  with qualified teachers.Two,building more toilets and improving  on gabbage collection. Lastly, reducing the number of bars, this has led to waste of money and life of many young teenagers who turn to substance abuse/alcohol and end up addicted or  in crimes.  My goal is “Aspiring change in my community for my generation  and future generations after me ” 


Shawn Brunson

 I would just like to say that  as a 20 y/o  black male, living in North Carolina.   I  realize that  I have to get my act together.  In 2017, we do not have time for playing games.  My generation likes the party, pills,  & weed.  But the only thing those things will do is keep you broke and off focus and addicted.   I can honestly see why my parents were pushing me so hard to go to school.  A formal education is key  in today's society.  I  had been working in the fast food industry, mainly as a cook.  An was attending school.  I realize  that's not what I want to do, the rest of my life. I want better.  Not saying anything is wrong with  making an honest living.  But Im striving to be my own boss. That's right an entrepreneur. When i get my degree in Agricultural Engineering, I plan to make a difference in our community.  I believe that if  I can learn more about the food industry an growing crops, I can start my own farm to table store, restaurant etc. Which would be a huge asset to the community.  Music is my passion, I am a conscious rapper but I also realize, I have to be able to support myself so that I can pursue my dream. Au The God. Remember that name.   My album  is going to hit gold or platinum. An im going to sell over 1 million cd's.  Check me out on Facebook. 


Antony Ogolla

  My name is Antony Ogolla . I am 19 years old and I live in  Lindi in Kibera Kenya.  I like reading novels and playing football. I am a student in grade twelve in  Olympic High school. My community means the following to me: it is and has been motivating me to work hard for a better life than what I have now. Two,it taught me to be independent and created a bond of brotherhood because people do help each other in times of need. The challenges I face in my community are: insecurity,poor housing,poor hygine,health cares and iliteracy. Things I feel  will make my community better is: Educating the community on the importance of proper hygiene,making education available and affordable to everyone in my community.Building well equipped and accessible hospitals .Good allocation and well managed gabbage collection environment. Due to the darkness Antony and I had to end the interview so that he can rush home and prepare for the following day.