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Our Mission


 The organizations mission is to build healthier communities by going into neighborhoods and teaching our youth   healthy habits/ lifestyles by using the fundamentals of physical activity and nutrition as a engagement tool.

Get Involved


Please contact me if your would like to make a difference in our community by volunteering your time or resources to  the organization.  We  accept monetary donations, as well as items for our outreaches, which  include: healthy snacks, fruit for events,  sneakers/tennis (new /used in good condition) water and food for selected events.  Jump ropes, mats, balls, hula hoops and 3-5lb weights .



We currently offer health information sessions on chronic illnesses that affect  our  community. We teach these workshops in the community centers,churches, after school care recreation centers  and neighborhoods. We actually have exercise classes which includes resistance training.   We teach  healthier eating habits/lifestyles/fitness for kids and also special program  for ones that may be overweight.We do give out healthy snacks. At the end of our sessions. 

We coordinate healthy living  community block parties for neighborhoods, We offer a healthy living summer camp for  children. We also provide healthy food/snack giveaways once a year. This is  taking it to the streets fitness & nutrition for children youth

Company Profile



Frances Brunson 

Areas of Expertise


As a medicaid/disability specialist I am very familiar with chronic illnesses.  In 2007 obtained personal trainers, group fitness instructor, kickboxing/aerobic, senior fitness , and zumba instructor certification.  Was also certified as Sports Nutritionist.  In 2014 certified as Youth fitness/conditioning Instructor. Also completed certification for CPR thru American Heart Association.  I'm an excellent cook & baker, I also love creating healthier versions of dishes thats good for our kids 

How I got Started


  In my profession as a medicaid/disability advocate. I noticed people were getting chronic illnesses at a younger age.   So I  started  teaching free fitness/nutrition classes in a local recreation center. I had a class for adults, then I added another for the youth.  I noticed that kids were eager to learn an try new healthy treats but some days only few would show up.  So I decided to take the classes into their neighborhoods/ communities.  So they could walk to class/workshop.